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Modest ~ Simple ~ Variety


不奢華 ~ 不複雜 ~ 多元化​​​​​​

Introduction of Master Wen, Li-Shih

She is a famous Gemstone Jewelry Designer from Taiwan with over 20 years of experience in jewelry design and production. Her exclusive brand was awarded the "Number 1 Brand" by the Taiwan Consumers Association in 2009.

Madame Wen, Li-Shih adopted the use of Chinese Knot Art to match various jade articles, her unique knotting designs enhanced the classical beauty of Jade making them stand out and favorable amongst collectors. Her works exhibits a strong personal style, for more than two decades, her works have won countless praises and recognition from connoisseurs in the domestic as well as foreign markets.




Collection Characteristics

Each piece is modest, simple, and appeals to the individual.
Made with a variety of materials, it embodies modern as well as renaissance motives.
Different elements are beautifully connected by artistic knots; each piece allows bold individual expression.
Our choice of unique design materials are the results from our passion and love for the beauty of classical artworks, corals and jade.


不奢華、不復雜、讓每件作品深植人心, 得到感動。

Products Recommendation

SKU: JD-031401 (USD118): Exquisite small necklace with tiny bell in classical design made with pure silver and Hetian jade.

SKU: JD-031402 (USD118): Pure silver classical designed ring with Hetian Jade stone set using ancient method.(specification:15mm * 4.5mm)

SKU: JD-031403 (USD238): Pure Silver Southern Red Egg set in classical manner with Natural Hetian Jade - Mandarin Duck Ruyi Pendant with Simple & Exquisite Jade stone (specification: 19mm * 13mm)

SKU: JD-031404 (USD238): Pure Silver Classical Style Southern Red Jasper Goldfish Necklace & Pendant (specification: 45mm * 15mm)

SKU: JD-031405 (USD358): Pure silver classical style female model - natural Hetian jade safe- buckle open ended ring with the auspicious cloud, bats & ingots motives (jade specification: 20mm)

SKU: JD-031406 (USD358): Hand-made pure silver adjustable open-ended bangle set with natural Hetian jade with bamboo motive which compliments ladies personality.

SKU: JD-031407 (USD598): 14K Gold Jade Earrings set with Cubic Zirconia, (natural Burmese jade cicada specifications: 15mm*10mm)

SKU: JD-031408 (USD598): Silver plated 14K gold Jade Pendant set with Cubic Zirconia. (Natural Burmese Jade "Ice Butterfly" Stone specifications: 25mm * 12mm)

SKU: JD-031409 (USD1198): Silver plated 14K gold Jade Pendant set with Cubic Zirconia. (Natural Burmese Jade "Spring-Color Thick Dragon-Pillar" Stone specification: 48mm * 22mm)

SKU: JD-031410 (USD1198): Silver plated 14K gold Jade and Red Tourmaline egg-surface Pendant set with Cubic Zirconia. (Natural Burmese Jade "White-based Gourd" Stone specification: 45mm * 30mm)

SKU: JD-031411 (USD2398): 585k yellow and white two-color gold with natural Burmese jade gourd egg-surface exquisite bracelet.

SKU: JD-031412 (USD2398): 585k white gold Ruyi cloud Pendant hand-embedded with natural Burmese jade Ruyi stone (specification: 30mm * 15mm)

SKU: JD-031413 (USD3598): 585k white gold hand-set Jade pendant with diamonds. (Natural Burmese jade "Ruyi" stone specification: 30mm * 15mm)

SKU: JD-031414 (USD3598): Pure silver hand-crafted Jade Bangle set with multiple coral stones. (Natural Burmese jade flower blue and flower-bird design (specifications: 65mm * 45mm) individual design - limited edition item.

SKU: JD-031415 (USD5998): 585k yellow gold Jade pendant set with diamonds & small rounded ice emerald butterfly pieces (three natural Burmese jade stones with specifications: 30mm * 30mm)

SKU: JD-031416 (USD5998): 585k white gold Emerald Pendant set with diamonds. (Natural Burmese bergamot jade specifications).

SKU: JD-031417 (USD11999): 585k white and yellow two-color gold Emerald Pendant set with diamonds (Natural Burmese, Full-bean green Ruyi jade specifications: 30mm * 15mm)

SKU: JD-031418 (USD11999): 585k White Gold Emerald Earrings set with Green Tourmaline and Diamonds (Natural Burmese Jade Earrings specification: 40mm * 15mm)

SKU: JD-031419 (USD23998): 750k white gold Jade Ring set with diamonds. (Natural Burmese Horse-Eye type Full-Green Jade Stone specifications: 15mm * 8mm)

SKU: JD-031420 (USD23998): 585k white gold Emerald Necklace Set with diamonds, multiple pieces of ice-white small Jade inlay. (Natural Burmese jade total specification: 85mm * 62mm)

SKU: JD-031421 (USD36233): 585k white gold hand-crafted Ingot-shaped thick layer Jade Ring set with diamonds. (Natural Jade Stone specifications: 18mm * 13mm)

SKU: JD-031422 (USD36233): 585k white gold Emerald small face Pendant set with diamonds (Natural Burmese jade rich-color rectangular thick plate Stone specifications: 30mm * 20mm)


SKU: JD-031401 (USD118): 純銀復古風做舊和田玉,鈴噹精緻小項鍊

SKU: JD-031402 (USD118): 纯银‎古法镶嵌做舊復古‎風和‎田玉戒指裸石15mm*4.5mm

SKU: JD-031403 (USD238): 純銀南紅小蛋復古風做舊天然和田玉 鴛鴦如意型吊墜 簡單小巧精緻玉石規格:19mm*13mm

SKU: JD-031404 (USD238): 純銀復古風南紅碧玉金魚做舊項鍊墜吊墜規格:45mm*15mm

SKU: JD-031405 (USD358): 純銀復古女款天然和田玉平安扣開口戒指 做舊祥雲蝙蝠元寶寶玉石規格:20mm

SKU: JD-031406 (USD358): 純銀手工鑲嵌天然和田玉竹子(節節高)女士有個性,可調節開口手鐲

SKU: JD-031407 (USD598): 14K金皓石鑲嵌耳環,天然緬甸玉翡翠蟬石規格15mm*10mm

SKU: JD-031408 (USD598): 銀鍍14K金皓石鑲嵌墬。天然緬甸玉翡翠冰種蝴蝶石規格25mm*12mm

SKU: JD-031409 (USD1198): 银镀14K金皓石镶嵌墬。天然缅甸玉翡翠春彩厚龙柱石规格:48mm*22mm

SKU: JD-031410 (USD1198): 銀鍍14K金皓石紅碧璽蛋面鑲嵌墬。天然緬甸玉翡翠白底青葫蘆石規格:45mm*30mm

SKU: JD-031411 (USD2398): 585黃白雙色k金,天然緬甸玉翡翠葫蘆蛋面精緻手錬

SKU: JD-031412 (USD2398): 585白k金如意雲圖手工鑲嵌,天然緬甸玉翡翠如意石規格:30mm*15mm

SKU: JD-031413 (USD3598): 585白k金鑽石翡翠小蛋面手工鑲嵌墜頭天然緬甸玉翡翠如意石規格:30mm*15mm

SKU: JD-031414 (USD3598): 純銀珊瑚多顆小蛋面手工打造鑲嵌,天然緬甸玉翡翠花青花鳥玉牌,規格:65mm*45mm個性化設計獨一無二手鐲

SKU: JD-031415 (USD5998): 585黃k金鑽石翡翠小蛋面冰翡蝴蝶片手工鑲嵌墜,三個天然緬甸玉石規格:30mm*30mm

SKU: JD-031416 (USD5998): 585白k金鑽石翡翠小蛋面鑲嵌墜頭,天然緬甸玉翠青佛手玉石規格:40mm*25mm

SKU: JD-031417 (USD11999): 585白黃雙色k金鑽石翡翠鑲嵌天然緬甸玉滿色豆緑如意,玉石規格:30mm*15mm

SKU: JD-031418 (USD11999): 585白k金碧璽鑽石翡翠多顆滿綠隨形冰白小蛋面鑲嵌天然緬甸玉耳環,總玉石規格:40mm*15mm

SKU: JD-031419 (USD23998): 750白k鑽石天然緬甸玉馬眼型滿綠戒面鑲嵌戒指~玉石規格:15mm*8mm

SKU: JD-031420 (USD23998): 585白k金鑽石翡翠多顆冰白小蛋面鑲嵌套鍊,天然緬甸玉總玉石規格:85mm*62mm

SKU: JD-031421 (USD36223): 585白k金鑽石元寶型手工設計鑲嵌天然緬甸玉滿色菱型厚片戒指,玉石規格:18mm*13mm

SKU: JD-031422 (USD36223): 585白k金鑽石翡翠小蛋面手工設計鑲嵌,天然緬甸玉滿色長方厚牌墬,玉石規格:30mm*20mm


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