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A.S.O.D.I., the SOD is hidden within the name, just like the actual SOD (superoxide dismutase) is hidden inside our body and carry out the responsibility in secret in order to destroy the EVIL and enormous free radicals. You will not see free radicals but you can see that you become older in a faster way. Moreover, those “devils” may bring you to another “world” with dementia, eye diseases, diabetes, skin problem and others. So why ASODI? Because it contains 3 PATENTED extracts of melon, rose petal and fermented soybean, as well as seaweed, green coffee, green tea extracts and barley leaf, which are able to build an “army” to fight for your health. These 7 “angels” will help you to regain youth and vitality! What are you waiting for?


Formulated from plant extracts. Exclusive formula developed by research and development under the cooperation with Japanese company.

Key Ingredients & Health Benefits

Melon Extract, Rose Petal Extract, Fermented Soybean Extract, Seaweed Extract, Barley Leaf, Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract.

i. Patented Melon Extract
- Rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD, the antioxidant enzyme), its effectiveness is clinically proven.
- Its SOD is 2 times higher than ordinary SOD products.
- Helps to improve antioxidant performance, reduce free radical chain reactions (oxidative stress) and protect cells.
- With patented embedding technology, the SOD will not be damaged by gastric juice and digestive enzymes.

ii. Patented Rose Petal Extract
- 100% natural rose petals.
- With patented technology, the polyphenol concentration is up to 70% and can help to inhibit melanin production.
- Helps to slow down skin aging, improve skin elasticity, control blood sugar level (after food), reduce advanced glycation end products (AGEs), reduce fat absorption in the body.
- Its antioxidant effect is 1.2 times higher than that of vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as 6 times higher than the antioxidant effect of ordinary rose petal extract.

iii. Patented Fermented Soybean Extract
- Using fermentation technology to increase the absorption in the body.
- Effectively inhibit glycation, helps to reduce production of AGEs.
- More than 10% of hydroxylated isoflavones which help in hormone secretion and cancer prevention.
- Helps to improve skin condition in just 16 weeks.

iv. Seaweed Extract
- Rich in fucoidan, its anti-cancer effect is proven.
- Compared with kelp, its calcium is 2 times higher, iron is 5 times higher, vitamin A is 2 times higher and vitamin E is 15 times higher.

v. Barley Leaf

- Contains multiple vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, can help to enhance body function and immunity.

- Its high fiber can help to improve gastrointestinal function.

- Contains 11 times more calcium than milk, 5 times more iron than spinach, 6.5 times more carotene than spinach, 7 times more vitamin C than an orange, 4 times more vitamin B1 than whole wheat.

- Multiple clinical studies have proven that it can effectively help to remove free radicals, delay aging, reduce high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, prevent cancer, etc.

vi. Green Coffee Extract
- Contains chlorogenic acid, CGA, which has stronger antioxidant effect.
- Helps to control blood sugar level, blood pressure, blood lipid level and improve brain cognitive function.
- Caffeine content is only 10%.

vii. Green Tea Extract
- Contains polyphenol antioxidants, the EGCG in catechin can help to improve the efficiency of SOD.
- Clinically proven to effectively reduce body fat, prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce cholesterol level, prevent cancers and improve skin condition.

Who should consume?

YOU! If you are:
- Stressful
- Stay up late
- Overweight/obese
- Smoking/drinking alcohol
- Overwork
- Unhealthy eating pattern
- Always stick together with smartphone/laptop/portable tablet
- Beauty conscious


- Excessive use can cause laxative effect.
- Consult doctor/dietitian/nutritionist if you are taking medications or having diseases.


Length 12.3cm x Width 7cm x Height 12.2cm


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