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Taiwan Light Shines Globally

Moore John, a (magic) designer brand, of screwless, non-protection thin steel glasses.

台灣之光 閃亮全球

Moore John(魔力強)設計師品牌無螺絲、無捍接薄鋼眼鏡

Orignal Design

The talented designer Moore John has lived in Germany, France, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries for a long time and currently resides in Taiwan. As he enjoys the folk customs and cultures of various countries in the world, and the rich oriental colors of Taiwan Island and as well as the diverse characteristics of the romantic island nation; Liberty Island has made him the foundation for becoming a modern master of fashion design. He leads the world trend, starting from Taiwan and moving towards the world. We call him the light of Taiwan in the 21st century global fashion eyewear industry- Moore John !


天才設計師 Moore John長期旅居德、法、泰、緬等國,目前定居於台灣。由於飽覽世界各國民俗風情文化,加上自由寶島台灣精采豐富的東方民族色彩與浪漫島國的多元特質,造就了他成為現代時尚設計大師的基礎。 他引領世界潮流,從台灣出發,邁向全世界。我們稱他為二十一世紀全球時尚眼鏡業界的台灣之光-- Moore John!

Preferred Thin Steel, Leading The Trend

Moore John series boutique glasses adhere to the brand spirit of screwless, non-welding thin steel principles, breaking through the shortcomings of traditional glasses that are easy to loosen screws, and easy to break due to multiple welding points. Become the representative brand of a new generation of screwless, non-welded thin steel glasses. Today you choose Moore John products and tomorrow you will be proud to be a fan of the Moore John brand.

薄钢首选, 引领潮流

Moore John 系列精品眼镜坚持采用无螺丝、无焊接薄钢原则的品牌精神,突破传统眼镜有螺丝易松脱,多焊接点易断裂的诸多缺点,推动真正的新一代精品眼镜的世界潮流,势将成为新一代无螺丝、无焊接薄钢眼镜的代表品牌。今日您选择 Moore John 产品,明日您将以成为 Moore John 品牌的爱用者为荣。

Product Code And Price/ 產品編號和價格:

1              SUNGLASS-RY8606: USD228

2              SUNGLASS-MIUS1503DR: USD228            

3              SUNGLASS-HKOP1316P: USD228              

4              SUNGLASS-RT9603B: USD228     

5              SUNGLASS-MIUS1503: USD228  

6              SUNGLASS-RT9063: USD228       

7              SUNGLASS-RT9602P: USD228     

8              SUNGLASS-RT9601O: USD228    

9              SUNGLASS-RT9602: USD228       

10           SUNGLASS-RT9601B: USD228     

11           SUNGLASS-RY8611SR: USD336   

12           SUNGLASS-RY8611SB: USD336   

13           SUNGLASS-FUS618: USD336       

14           SUNGLASS-MIS21505S: USD336

15           SUNGLASS-RY8606S: USD336     

16           SUNGLASS-FUS618G: USD336    

17           SUNGLASS-SC0810545: USD336

18           SUNGLASS-RY8601S: USD336     

19           SUNGLASS-SC0810445: USD336

20           SUNGLASS-SC0810402: USD336

21           SUNGLASS-SC0810544: USD336

22           SUNGLASS-QUEENC30B: USD558              

23           SUNGLASS-OPYS011: USD558


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